Lift chair portable Prevents you from falling injuries.
The only USA Manufacturer the 40 -1,000lbs Zero Energy Portable Chairs in the world:
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Majid Zarinfar, MS. EDU. BioMetric ME. Co-inventer President

    My passion is about making and improving everyone's
    life around me to reach his/ hers full potentials; was the main
    reason that I invested over $800,000.00 to prototype and
    introduce to the market in "The world the only Zero Energy
    Required and Aerospace engineered to your BioMetric
    Measurements portable lift chair that would enable our
    physically challenged loved ones to  become forever active
    again. In addition, I am 60 years young and have been an
    engineer, teacher, mentor and inventor. Furthermore, all of
    my clients would gladly testify to my honesty, integrity as
    well as moral character, should you require it.
    The ZaRosa Chairs LLC  is the only worldwide USA
    manufacturer of the 40-1,000lbs Zero Energy Portable Lift
    Chairs, it was established in June 2008. In addition, we  
    specifically engineer every chair to the individual's BioMetric
    Measurements, and hand fabricate every part of the Electric
    lift chairs which have a height restrictions range 5'-2" to
    5'-10" & maximum weight limitation  of 375 LBS, the Zero
    Energy Required Portable Lift Chairs HAVE NO SUCH

    Mr. Zarinfar, MS. Ed. BioMetric ME, Invetor and STEM       
      Projects Mentor
Portable Lift Chair prevents you from falling injuries.                                About us